Immagini tratte dalle opere di Giulio Camagni


Remembering  Paolo Casalegno: Contexts, Quantification and Generic Sentences.
(In the late eighties I had the privilege to cooperate with Paolo Casalegno. These unpublished notes were presented at the Conference on Properties organized by Kevin Mulligan [ZINAL, June 1990]. I miss those days…)
 For a development of some of the ideas discussed here, see

  1. Bonomi and P. Casalegno, Only: Association with Focus in Event Semantics
    A. Bonomi, Indices and contexts of discourse.

Semantical remarks on the progressive readings of the imperfective (presented at the CONFERENCE ON SYNTAX AND SEMANTICS OF TENSE AND MOOD SELECTION, Bergamo, 2-4 July, 1998)

Finding one’s way in the labyrinth of forking paths (The Semantics of the future tense: Part I.)
[September, 2007]

Evaluating future-tensed sentences in changing contexts (with F. Del Prete, 2008)

Non-Persistent Truths (2012)

Imperfect Propositions (December 2012) 

Settledness (2004)

Mr. Parky, o l’arte del dialogo (2023)